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    desperately seeking SUV HULL bottom section

    does anyone in the state of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma know of anyone who has an SUV hull laying around? I am trying to stop a guy from tearing apart a 2003 to make Salma catamaran project out of. I told him I will try to find him two SUV hulls that he needs if he stops. Plesee text me if you know of any bare hulls. 713-444-six511

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    there is a non running 03 suv hull on craigslist in san antonio.. guy wants 1800 right now, but when no one buys it in the next few months, it might become cheap...
    in 2 weeks im gunna offer him $800 if he still has it.

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    Thanks Reaper. That's actually the one I am seeking help for. The seller dumped it for $400 bucks on that cherry galvanized trailer to another guy. The buyer literally only wants 2 SUV hull bottoms. I won't go into detail because it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me but he wants to take 2 hull bottoms and some other type of boat bottom I believe, fuse them together and then layup over that mess to create a mold. He's building a 30' Catamaran style boat or something. The original 03 hull bottom will not even be used in the final product. He called me off of my craigslist ad selling SUV parts to see if I had another hull he can use. I actually do have an SUV hull coming to me today so I'm begging him to stop breaking that 03 apart just to use the bottom. If I can find him a donor bottom or even fully parted out hull, he may sell me the 03. He has already removed the rub rail but that is all at this point. Hopefully he won't destroy that thing. I's no cherry but it looked pretty decent for a rebuild to me. $1800 was too high from the original guy but $1200 on that trailer would have sold FAST if he had held it.

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