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    50 hr 03 xlt 800 motor locked?

    I have an 03 xlt 800 w less than 50 hrs inherited from my wife's grandma who rode it twice n had 16 hrs when I got it 2 yrs ago I have maintained it well since I got it n last weekend we took it out n the battery died so I bought a new battery n installed it mon morning n when I started it or tried to start it the starter engages n a clunk sound like the motor is locked up I tried to turn the impellor shaft at rear of motor n it will only move a very small amount I find it hard to believe the motor is locked up w that few hrs on it and usually I I touch the start button even without cranking the display will come one and it doesn't come in but I haven't had enough time to really look at it but the battery def good n it sounds as if the starter is trying to turn the motor but something is stoppin it anyone got any ideas I really wld prefer it to b something simple as wld everybody but idk

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    Might just be your pump housing. They swells sometimes

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    You didnt hook it up to the hose and turn the water on before trying to start did you?

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