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    Yamaha fx140 running rich (over fueling to much gas) running slow

    Hi, we have a 2002 fx140, its not pulling as it should and using alot of fuel, we took the fuel rail off with the injectors attached and cranked the engine over with the injectors in 4 seperate glasses. Injector number 4 (fwd cylinder) was pumping a massive amount of fuel into its glass, we stopped cranking and the same injector continued to squirt fuel into the glass for 15 seconds or so(until the bilge stopped running), we swapped no 3 injector with number 4 injector and that did the same so realise its the sgnal from the pulse wire not the injector at fault. What can this be? Regards chris

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    I think I saw a similar issue on another model ski which turned out to be an ECU.

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    You have a bad ECU

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    Thanks guys, yep that's what it looks like, we tested the voltages on the bad injector pulse wire at the injector end and then at the ecu end and they were all over the shop compared to the other pulse wire voltages. Thanks again

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    How much voltage should there be at the injector end, because i'm having the same problem. I measure the voltage on all the connector and the injector that's to the rear of the jetski had almoust the baterry voltage, and the other had from 5 to 6 Volts.

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