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    ECU Replacement Help


    I really feel stupid. I am trying to replace my ecu because of an issue I am having with certain cylinders not firing. I bought a used one off ebay from a 2006 RXP which is identical to what I have. I hooked up my Candoo system to read the old ecu to get the vin and keys so I can marry the old keys on the new ecu. I then unhooked both cables and plugged them into the new ecu. When I go to read it on the Candoo system, it reads the old data. I disconnected the battery and got the same results. The original vin and key numbers come up. What am I missing?

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    Do you need an extra license on the Candoo for the new ECU?

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    No. I figured it out. I had it hooked up improperly.

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    Are you sure you changed the ECU, or did you change the mpem? What is the part number? Was it mounted to the intake manifold?

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