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    Just bought a super clean 2003 MSX140. I have a few questions.

    I bought this ski last week. The exhaust manifold had come loose on the previous owner at 83 hours.
    I picked it up with trailer for $400!
    $12 worth of gaskets and she has run perfect for 5 hours and counting.
    I did once have a starting issue and it turn out that just a light push of the throttle solved issue.
    Probably a good idea to replace the tps.
    I happen have many late model 4 stroke supercharged skis and I will be honest here when I say the msx has me impressed.
    5 hours and it still has 1/3rd tank of fuel left. Maybe more since the reading changes with angle.
    I got 54mph in two foot chop at 6600-6800 rpm.
    i plan to keep this one around since fuel economy is better than I've ever seen.

    My questions are,
    besides eBay where should I shop for parts?
    should I modify the ride plate or find the 04 type?
    is the intake grate a worthy performance upgrade? It seems to be fine with the stocker in 2' chop. Almost always hooked up and pushing hard.
    I would like to see 60mph (in proper conditions) and wonder if the pump wedge and ride plate might get me there.
    Oh yeah, I need a seat cover. I saw the post on the jet trim covers.
    They are the best in my opinion. But the ones I bought in the past for my rxp's and gtx's were $275!
    what could the custom fit with install run me?

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    I have Jettrim seat covers on mine. I think they were 160 or 170 for the seat cover. The issue comes with the fact that you need to ship your seat to Jettrim to get the cover. There are variances in the seats and they need your particular seat to make the cover. They will install it though.

    Intake is a good upgrade I am told. I am still running stockers on mine.

    03 MSX 140 should run 56-58 MPH on flat water.

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    If you have not already, have a look through my signature links. Lots of useful info including common maintenance items.

    Be sure to do the reinforcement for the fuel pump pressure regulator. It is inside the fuel tank and often comes loose. If it falls off there is real risk of engine damage due to low fuel pressure. There is no display warning for low fuel pressure.

    Also worth while to remove and inspect the jet pump. If the pump bearings fail it can do a lot of damage.

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    I have a Hydroturf seat cover on one of mine the quality is excellent.

    My other on has a Blacktip cover that was on it when I purchased it and seams to be good quality.

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    I went with the jettrim cover.
    It was also $175 and far better quality than the other choices.
    I found the 2004 msx ride plate for $30 shipped on eBay.
    Gunna keep an eye out for the intake grate.
    Mine seems to stay hooked up very well though.
    Not sure if I will get any benefit from it.
    I will take a look in to the fuel reg mod as suggested.
    Thanks giys.
    I will post a picture next time it's put.
    The seat is sharp.

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