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    1994 wave raider random shut off issue

    Hey everyone, i have a 1994 yamaha wave raider 700 runs perfect for about a hour, then shuts off while riding and wont start, turns over but wont start, if i come back to the jet ski 2 days later from sitting it will start, any ideas? much appreciated, thanks.
    new battery , new plugs, just a headache.

    i appreciate any help, thanks!

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    Is it always 2 days? Have you tried letting it sit for just a few minutes? May be a bad gas tank check valve. Pulling a suction on the tank. When it acts up again open the gas cap and see if it will start.

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    Check out the start/stop switch on the handle bars. A very common problem on the older Yamaha's. Will just plain quit, crank abut no start. Then later it will. Search for how to check it out.

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    I once had a problem with a bad coil on a car engine. The engine would run when everything was cold. When the coil later became hot, it would then expand from the heat and the coil windings would "open" losing electrical continuity then failing. Damnest thing, when it was cold again, it would start again.

    ignition coil is number 20 in the picture >

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    99.99% of the time it is the start/stop switch as previously mentioned. Between myself and friends we have five older Yamaha skis and all but one has had the identical problem. Chased lots of different routes, swapped parts, tested and retested until we finally dove into the switch.

    Once you open it up you'll probably find the small springs completely corroded away. Check out for a complete rebuild service.

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