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    Need help with 2000 GP1200R

    Recently bought a 2000 GP1200R, it wasn't running right, checked compression in all three cylinders, and got 115, 115, and 110, I installed new spark plugs and took it to the lake, drove around for a bit and pulled spark plugs the middle spark plug still looked new and was not working, it was getting spark. Decided to rebuild carburetors, removed accelerator pump, and installed 1.5 needle and seat, new jets, drilled out fuel restrictor on each carb and installed 95 main jet on return line and removed factory air box and installed power plenum. Put all back together and took to the lake, it runs better but the middle cylinder is still not working, I'm at a loss, if it's getting spark and it should be getting fuel because I put all new parts on the carbs. Is there something I'm missing. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    inspect the reeds.. sounds like the reeds are not closing, therefore not keeping any fuel in the crankcase.

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    Ok I will remove carbs and take a look, I have never messed with the reeds is there something I need to be looking for? Wish these damn things were easier to get to.

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    they should be closed fully.. when i checked mine, just to see, after i pulled the carbs i stuck my finger in there and pushed each reed lightly.. there are 8 reeds per cylinder.. they should feel like they are stuck closed and sort of pop open. the cylinder that was dead on mine did not "pop" open so i pulled them, sure enough they were warped. that isnt a sure fire test though and they really need to be removed fully and inspected.. there is like 18-10mm bolts holding them on.

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    Ok thank you for your help.

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    Check the internal filter on the carb, the fuel pump diaphragms, and the needle/seat. Sometimes junk gets lodged under the N/S. Also check the vacuum line from the crankcase to the carb pump, although most likely problem with filter and n/s if nothing else is clogged up. Might also want to check spark to see if it will jump about a half inch. If plug wire/coil is bad it may spark when looking at it but break down when in cyl under compression. If it will jump 10mm or just under a half inch then that is good.

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