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    Spark Turbo vs Gtr

    Hi. What would you guys choose?

    Spark Turbo (185hk) No warranty


    Seadoo Gtr (215hk) 3year warranty?

    Same price for both, both brand new, more fun with spark but unhappy if it blows?

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    Well there is no supercharger to worry about all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by GasResearch-VT.SE View Post
    Well there is no supercharger to worry about all the time

    Soooo true , but even with no turbo the Spark is more fun ...

    I have a mate with a GTR and a Spark .... He rides the Spark more and now looking at selling the GTR ...

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    Spark with out the turbo. Save the $3k+ the turbo will cost and buy a used fast ski with it if that's what you want

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    I would definitely go with the GTR

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    Depends on what you want the ski for.

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    Ugh.. the responses on here are ridiculous. Two TOTALLY different skis. Like comparing a Jeep to an Ariel Atom.

    Personally I would never ever buy a GTR, RXP,.. lets make this simple; I'd never buy a ski heavier than 500lbs. But that's the type of rider I am. I prefer standups, sport skis like Blasters and X-2's for riding in the surf which is what I do 80% of the time. If I were riding rivers for long distances most of the time I'd probably go for a modern mini boat like a GTR. The point is, you need to ask yourself what type of riding you'll be doing. A turbo Spark would be infinitely more fun than a GTR but it will have its limitations. Also, your correct that it will not have a warranty anymore. If that's worth it for you to have a more playful ski then get the turbo Spark. That's what I'd so without hesitation.

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