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    1996 GTX - New Rectifier - idle still low out of water?

    Bought a pair of identically 1996 GTX's; one has been sitting idle (pun not intended) after it's initial outing - it sputtered and bogged down right away after hitting ~ 45mph's; seemed to go into a limp mode as I returned to the ramp. All grey fuel lines have been changed out and carb fliters cleaned. The second ski runs fine and had been just using it since then - trying to get the second figured out now that the kids are older.

    I just changed out the rectifier on the first ski hoping that was the problem; idle speed out of the water on the hose is only 1500. It starts fine but doesn't seem to be as 'smooth' as the other ski and I was hoping the rectifier was the problem when the ski fell on it's face but the low idle speed has me 'assuming' the rectifier was problem - now have not tried this ski in the water yet to confirm I still have the top end / limp mode problem.

    What's been done:
    - New Plugs, fuel lines, fuel filter, oil filter, oil lines.
    - New oil pump; had a leak coming from the pump itslef.
    - New rectifier.
    - NOTE: I discovered a fuel leak that appears to be coming from the return line @ the plastic v-fitting on the carbs (I left the original crimp clamp when I pulled the carbs - need to p/u some worm screw clamps).

    - Prior to lake testing any other things to check?
    - Sound like a fuel problem or electrical?
    - Stator possibly bad?
    - Just try adjusting the idle speed screw?


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    I have the same skis, 3 of them, I have now learned some of the troubleshooting from my skis.start with the easiest(carb and idle adj) I would start by going thru the carbs again and making sure everything was clean and jets cleared from any devris, and set the low and high speed screws to factory specs. I changed the hoses on mine and used the stainless steel hose clamps (regular screw type). one of my skis had a rectifier problem and it would heat up a bit before the limp mode came on, the temp light would go on. and then it would run normal again, for a couple of minutes and do the same thing over. I changed the rectifier and was all good, the volts were high (like 15 to 17 volts at the batt.).also do a compression check.. good luck

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