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    Anyone getting a Fuel Sensor Defective error?

    Took the Spark out for its 5th time... What a ride with Vtech !

    But just started getting a loud beep and a " Fuel sensor Defective " When I would hit the brakes at a high rate of speed.. The fuel tank only had 2 bars left.. ( end of day ) ... Then it actually sounded and did it again on a take off.

    Anyone else getting this? Or maybe I do have a faulty sensor. I was thinking it may have something to do with the VTech tune.. but put it in Touring mode and it still sounded the alarm and warning.

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    Anyone getting a Fuel Sensor Defective error?

    Mine have jumped between 0-2 bars (it then beeps) when jumping and so on. Also 2-4 which is not so accurate...

    I'd check the connection on top of the tank, maybe it's loose!

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    Yeah a friend of mine had same problem and changed sensor and all good now ..

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    We had that problem with one of the demo skis this summer but it would say the same thing but it would do it all the time..Could be with a almost full tank or a half a tank...

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    Only once and spark had half a tank

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    Sea-Doo = change sensor often

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