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    My speedo has a mind of its own


    my speedo on my fzr 2009 sometimes decides it doesn't want to work and sometimes it kind of works, I'll be wot and it reads say 30mph, anyone else had a problem with there's?? The wheel in the ride plate spins free, can anyone help please??

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    My 2012 FXSHO has a worthless speedometer as well.

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    All PWCs speedos are worthless. Best thing if you really want to know how fast you're going is a GPS. A GPS can burst your bubble though.

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    On mine, it's the worst when I trim up. According to the dealer, that's "normal" because the speedo works off of some kind of wheel out back. From his description, something like the paddle wheel on a paddle boat. Only smaller.

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    I never knew these skis even have speedometers...

    Any time we have a customer that tries to bring out a GPS they always get lost or have major issues...always...

    In fact, i pretty much make them keep it off or convince them to leave it on the docks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVHOKidd View Post
    All PWCs speedos are worthless. Best thing if you really want to know how fast you're going is a GPS. A GPS can burst your bubble though.
    Seadoo actually has a GPS speedo and I only have seen it to be 1-2mph off at speeds above 70. So not all speedos are junk but the Yamaha hampster wheel is. Everyone knows a good GPS is the first thing to buy especially when modding. I just can't get over a 2014-2015 model $15,000+Yammi doesn't have a digital RPM read out and requires you to buy an aftermarket tach. Nothing against Yamaha but they need to def step it up.

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    Just buy the new candoo gps unit and you will never have the issue again...

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