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    1995 waveraider issues after extended dry storage- need help please!

    Hi all,
    I just bought a '95 waveraider that had been in a garage for almost 5 years. It had been owned by a coast guard aux member and seems to have been well cared for and winterized when it was put in the garage.
    I looked at it, removed the plugs, and turned the shaft by hand to make sure the engine wasn't frozen. Put some oil in the cylinders to pre-lube them. I found the impeller hitting on one spot so I disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled it. All is good there.
    Next I put gas and a battery in it and tried to start it. Turns out the start solenoid is bad, new part on order.
    jumped across the solenoid and started it with starting fluid. It started pretty quickly and once the gas filter filled ran on its own, but there is a LOT of white smoke and a sludge that comes out of the exhaust. I wonder if the oiler is adding too much oil to the carbs.
    The more it ran, the more sludge accumulated. I'll be spending a week cleaning the driveway. Is this normal?Click image for larger version. 

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    Occasionally when I open the throttle, the RMP goes very high and stays there. I tried hitting the stop button and pulled the lanyard, but it continued to run at a high RPM.
    The butterfly valve in the carbs do return to closed position and look normal when this happens.
    I put a rag over one of the carb intakes and the RPM came back down. It seems that when it happens it doesn't matter which carb I muffle, but the RPM will come back down. When the RPM is running normally the stop switch and lanyard will stop the engine. Could it be dieseling and running away maybe due to temp increase? Yes, I have the flush kit hooked up and am flowing water. The water does not feel hat at all.
    I would hate for it to happen when I am on the water, especially in close quarters.

    When I was getting ready to shut it down I turned off the water and as instructed in the manual gunned the engine a few times. I found that the RPM would not go up like it should, it came up some but them would not go over about what would be 1/4 throttle and was missing.
    I turned the water back on and the RPM comes up fine.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    These things do not run correctly on a flush kit at all. I supect the carbs need rebuild kits in them the rubber parts are shot from age and ethonal gas. rebuild carbs with oem mikuni carb kits only ( aftre market kits are junk) You should be good to go. Tommy Jordan

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Have you ever encountered the sludge that is in the picture? It looks like oil mixed with water. Could this be normal?
    I have never been good at rebuilding carbs on bikes and getting them synced. Is it easier on a jet ski? Do you still need vac gauges to do it?

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    The sludge is pretty normal after sitting for a while. They do smoke a lot. I second the carb rebuilds.......I get my kits from Spend the extra 12 bucks and get the internal screw kits also. Money well spent.

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    The thing is very clean inside and out. I pulled the plugs and they looked clean then adjusted the low and hi screws and the butterfly balance for the carbs. It seems to run much better and no runaway.
    I have uploaded a video so you can see and hear it. If you could take a look and tell me if it looks and sounds normal.
    There is still a lot of sludge being dropped out the exhaust.


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    That’s completely normal. Is sounds good and looks good. Run it. The sludge sounds normal too for sitting for so long. get some water running through it and it will be fine. Good luck, it sounds like a good find.

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    The dieseling is from a lean condition. Need to turn your low screw out a 1/4 turn, or clean out the carbs. Remember e10 burns leaner than good ol pure gas.

    I had a 951 that scared me for life. God it was loud and scary.

    Next time it does this, hold it WOT, or pull choke or prime it.

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    Stored for 5 years! Gotta be gumming up.Thats why its running lean as previously suggested.I'd do like Tommy said.Rebuild carbs and replace fuel filter.Drain tank.Replace oil lines.Do it right the first time and U won't have to do again.I'd love to find one in this good of shape.

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