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    04 gp1300r parts for trade or sale

    Let me start of by saying I dont have any engine parts for the 1300.

    Expansion chamber with good cat. No sensors. $40
    stock water box. $40
    electrical box (no starter noid) $40
    side cowlings blue. $100
    gauge cluster showing 12.X hours (sun faded). $125
    gas tank like new with pump. $40
    complete uncut harness with computer. $125
    stock sponson. $30
    rear grab handle. $30
    side bumper moldings (scratches). Sold
    front bucket cover without outside plastic cover. $40
    stock intake grate. $30
    stock ride plate.sold
    Pv control module.sold
    battery extinguisher compartment. $20
    all air intake silencers plastics. $40
    exhaust silencer. $20
    stock trim tabs. $20
    like new oil container. $20
    mid shaft complete from gp1200r.sold
    tunnel cut from gpr. Gave away


    aftermarket fa
    aftermarket prop 13/19 or 14/19
    carbs with oside bill mod
    Aftermarket ride plate/trim tabs
    Aftermarket Heads
    Aftermarket exhaust
    basically anything aftermarket that will make a gp1200r go faster.

    I already have:

    riva sponson

    will add pics tomorrow. Thanks
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