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    Removed/installed Intake Manifold now P1202 error

    Pulled the intake manifold to clean it and now I get random P1202 error. I can be at WOT, cruising at 5000 rpm, spinning around. It happens at odd times... I pull the key, plug it back up and it runs fine...

    P1202 error:
    Oil tank pressure switch implausible or blow-by valve still closed.
    Possible cause:
    Damaged oil pressure switch, blow-by valve failure, damaged circuit wires, damaged connector or damaged ECM pins.
    Service action:
    Check for 1.27 to 2.47 ohms between terminals.
    Check if TOPS is connected to wiring harness.
    Check resistance at 0 RPM and above 3500 RPM. At high RPM the resistance should be close to 0 ohm.
    Check for 12 volts on pin 1 of the blow-by valve

    I never got this error before. My oil looks like it's add the right spot I had it a little low and added a little more and it still gives the error. My catch can looks fine (which is surprising, used to having some some oil...)

    Do I have something plugged up wrong or did I damage a wire ?

    I also installed a X charger and 42lb injectors.

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    boost junkie skidoochris's Avatar
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    the 05 has 2 oil switches
    one near the tops valve
    the other above the t-stat housing near the TB
    check the connector near the TB you could have easily bumped it

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    I had the same issue on my 2003 this weekend with a new motor. Happens that i had the plug by the pressure sensor reversed. It can be plugged in two different ways the metal release faces the engine.

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    I believe the TOPS switch, and the OPS switch wires can be hooked up reversed on the front of the motor.

    And he's right about the connector going on the OPS backwards, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycho rxp View Post
    I believe the TOPS switch, and the OPS switch wires can be hooked up reversed on the front of the motor.

    And he's right about the connector going on the OPS backwards, too.
    Hey psycho!!! Long time..

    I checked the plugs on the front of the engine and all the metal clips are facing engine or up. Was hoping it would just be flipping a plug to fix this

    The plug next the TB looked on pretty good but I reseated it.

    What color are the wires for the TOPS and OPS so I can see if they are backward. I saw a plug next to the oil can and on the back(side) of intake manifold that looked similar....

    Also the switch with metal clip right next to the front oil filter (not green one next to internal IC) only had one wire going to it , looked normal but wasn't sure.

    If I unplugged pressure switch that is saying error would it let me ride. Then if I didn't get any check engine errors I'd know for sure.

    This is a rough one... Rather change an impeller or re-bolt something..

    Thanks for the guidance

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    Replaced front oil sensor and took the top off the tops valve next to the oil tube and shook it a little. I verified it clicked and made hum noise when I plug up the lanyard. Rode for a couple hours and no alarm, thanks all !!

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