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    Help..front Super Charger bolt is seized up..

    How do I get this thing off my 08 GTX..everything is ready to pull other then this stupid bolt...have done this with my other skis no I just cut that bolt off and pull it off with the super charger then work on it? Help..I need to get this to Jerry..

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    Dremel time!
    Cut the head off.

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    welcome to the sc abyss....i ended up dremeling the head off(no fun)...couple of threads on here about it.good luck

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    Just finished..what a pain..It's the first time it had been pulled..the bolt was covered with what I think is factory thread lock..white substance..the other 2 bolts had a drop..and this one covered..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashnic View Post
    the bolt was covered with what I think is factory thread lock..white substance..
    White powder looking stuff?

    If yes, thats mother nature's loc-tite.

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    No..not was pretty clay like or like threadlock....all I know it was tight..even after I got the SC out and was using vise grips tight almost all the way out..

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