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    1994 750 SS XI Handling

    Hey everyone - I have some questions about the handling of my wifes SS XI.

    It is basically stock with R&D stem, renthal bars, solus impeller, R&D intake grate and I had a flat R&D ride plate but swapped it over to an ocean ride plate with 2 deeper grooves because I thought it would carve better.

    When Im riding it, it feels loose, even if I trim the front down it still feels loose, never feels solid. My nozzle is level in the level position.

    Please help, its a damn fine ski, but it's not that fun to ride anymore.

    Seems to have changed after I swapped the impeller and intake grate out and then put on this ocean ride plate (not the flat R&D).

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    Some aggressive sponsons will help.

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