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    Those who bought new / and insurance question

    Picking up 14 fx svho, with 5 year warranty, and trailer on Thursday and was wondering along with the actual waverunner, did you receive anything else like parts,manual,security remote/keys, separately or were they in the glove box or anything. I can't tell you how many times the dealer (and I) have forgot an accessory when I bought my new cars.

    also those of you that have insurance- do any of your policies cover catastrophic engine failures (thrown rod, spun bearing, etc)

    didnt find the answers I was looking for in search. Thanks in advance

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    Should just be the remotes, owners manual, and tool kit, unless you got them to throw in a fire extinguisher and cover. Seems like it was in a bag in the under seat storage. They should also put the numbers on the side (my dealer did on both of mine)

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    Insurance will not cover catastrophic damage that you are asking about, but if something else was to happen that was a direct cause to the engine then engine damage might be covered. Example, car engine damage is not covered for catastrophic damage but let's say something bounced up from the road and ruptured the oil pan causing catastrophic damage to the engine, then that would be covered.

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    Is everyone who has had to use their Yamaha extended warranty coverage happy with the results? Let's say the paint peeling issue as an example as that is most prevalent.

    even though I remember reading somewhere that issues with paint aren't covered?

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