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    Looking for some advice on where to get parts, questions inside

    Hey everyone, I was looking for a decent two place trailer for my Yamaha waverunner and second future ski and I came across a deal I couldn't walk away from.

    Picked up a nice two place trailer and a pair of polaris skis, both 1998's, an SLH and a SLXH.

    Now here is where it gets interesting.

    The SLH was low on compression on the mag cylinder, I'm told the engine was a new replacement two years ago when the previous owner purchased the pair, judging by the looks of it I would agree.

    Tore it apart tonight and found the piston pin circlip came loose and tore up the piston and cylinder pretty bad, the dome is saveable with some minor cleanup but the jug is in need of a sleeve and of course the piston is junk.

    The SLXH runs fine but had no drive, the impeller didn't turn with the engine.

    Pulled the pump off and found the splines in the impeller and driveshaft worn out and stripped.

    Now I am trying to decide what to do with these skis, fix them, try them both out and see which I prefer and sell the other? Sell them both as is? Fix and sell both and pick up another newer four stroke?

    What I'm looking for is a good used impeller and driveshaft and a decent used cylinder and standard piston.

    I'm also looking at the SBT site and their top end kits, I don't really need the second cylinder, the pto side is basicly perfect. Can anyone point me to someone who sells single refurbished cylinders? The porting looks stock in both jugs now, I cant see a huge problem replacing just the damaged one, but i'm open to advice there.

    SBT sells driveshafts and refurbished impellers but mine isn't a good core with stripped splines, where can else can I find a decent price on a stock replacement?

    If your still with me thanks for reading and please give me some ideas or a direction to look in.

    Anyone with some used parts please let me know as well please.


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    Have a look in the Classifieds on GreenHulk, might find what you need.

    John Zigler sells both new and used parts.

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