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    Noob here in need of some advice with 2009 RXT-X

    Hey everyone I'm having an issue with my 2009 RXT-X (w/52 hrs).

    This passed weekend i was riding and the speedo was reading 70 all day long and i was revving out to 8040 (rider 200lbs and passenger 225lbs) Then the next day i went out along and she was only pulling to 7650-7700 ish... Could this be a clogged fuel filter, plugs?or something of that sort. I run shell 93 in it and i don't fill up at marinas... and to gauge this better i used to pull hard on my buddies 2014 GTR 215 and now he's getting me on the top end so there has to be an issue here. I have no check engine lights and it starts and idles fine.

    And of course what would be some good starter mods (recommendations welcome!)

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    On my ski, on the CT river
    check supercharger slip.

    air temp and humidity will effect rpms and speed as well.

    4" kaniflex, r&d intake grate, good place to start.

    then thruhull exhaust, opas extensions, prop

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    Thanks a lot! If the season wasn't over i would have ordered that intake grate now its so cheap for the performance.

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    Put new spark plugs in and see if your rpms come back

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    Also check for a lose intercooler clamp!! Possibly a boost leak...

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    I have an 08 RXT-X. Lost a couple hundred RPMs. Turn out one of the coils sort of exploded. Checked the others and another seemed ok but the third was almost as bad as the first. Also with age, the spark plug tubes can leak oil in the spark plug wells. I changed all these and ski ran great again.

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    I noticed on a cold start it doesn't kick up like it used to it may sputter slightly before it warms up. Im going to start with a spark plug change then work my way from there.

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