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    Opinion: removing driveshaft 08 gtx 155.

    Newbie here,

    longtime lurker I've always found my answers via searching.
    I recently just got 2 2008 gtx 155's at a steal. One needed a tune up and a detail one needed some help.

    a brief history. One owner never trailered,
    stored on a lift above saltwater in florida. Both have less than 10

    I've used one with no problems, putting about 9 hours on it over the holiday weekend.

    problem ski: noticed an oil leak at pto bearing. I assume the rusty driveshaft took out the o ring when iit finally spun after sitting. No big deal I ordered the bearing and bellow with new clamps. Last night it took me about 4 hours to expose the circlip. 2 cans of blaster.
    a 3' pry bar and hammer got the floating ring to
    slide back. Of course I had to put a
    as all 1/4" drive socket in the pump to hold the shaft ffrom sliding back.

    my question is that once I begin pulling the shaft from
    the rear, it is pretty rusty. I don't know of I will damage the carbon seal upon removal? This sseal has o rings too, right? I though about cutting off the
    floating ring. Buying a new carbon seal, boot and ring. Sandblast the drive shaft and reinstall with new part.

    I don't know how hard the shaft wwill be to remove, I tugged only briefly. It didnt move. I am 6'4 260 so I can put force on it. I felt defeated and emptied all my pb blaster figured id
    Try after work.


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    You may have to cut the ring off it is too rusty. If the driveshaft is very rusty and pitted where the c-clip goes, I would replace the shaft also.

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    i did get the c clip off, the chanel is rusty, i had to cut the supporting ring. I had to cut the supporting ring in 2 spots and hit it with the air chisel to break it free still. the ring was mated to the shaft. it really felt welded. anyway when cutting and chiseling i did nick the shaft. ill attach pics of the shaft Click image for larger version. 

Name:	shaft.jpg 
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Name:	shaft1.jpg 
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    im shopping for driveshafts now. i figured that the stainless coating has been compromised. I am a mechanical engineer with years of car experience i think the shaft looks like poo. you agree? i have new pto bearing with bellow on the way, as well as carbon seal, carbon seal bellow, supporting ring, c clip, and o rings.

    im not into the pair of skis too much so i have some$ for parts. i did pick up both 08 gtx's for 1500$ the troublesome one cost me about 500$ in parts so far plus a driveshaft.

    i have the broken reverse cable nut too, i changed the steering cable, reverse cable and nuts on both.

    any other things i should do? where do you guys get driveshafts from? thanks!!!

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    i picked one up from sbt for 200$. i didnt want to mess with that rusty piece of crap. anyway at least this post is here for anyone to search.

    my GTI shaft looks new, this is bull on this one, apparantly they were really neglected. i had a guy come out do my first annual service that always pulled out the shaft and lubed it with marine grease and would put it back in. i should keep up on this then right?

    anyway thanks, this forum has always been helpful as a lurker, maybe i can help out as needed too

    i keep my 2008 GTI se with the 155, looks like essentially the same drivetrain, on a lift. but not all the time just for weekends (will put up on a thursday to use on weekend and take off on monday) this way i dont need to deal with drunks on boat ramps.

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