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    Need carb advice on a 97 SPX.....

    Ok, so when I am going from idle, the ski will bog down and act like it wants to die and I end up having to feather the throttle. Once it gets going it runs fine. Upon research I found that this is caused by a lean condition at lower throttle.

    From reading I've heard two things. One is to turn the low speed adjustment on both carbs out a 1/4 turn. The other is it could be caused by the pop off not being correct. Should I try to do the LSA adjustment first and take it out this weekend and see how it does or should I pull the carbs off AGAIN!!! and do the pop off test? I'm guessing the pop off pressure is set too high and not providing enough fuel at the lower RPM settings. Would this be a correct assumption?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    LSA and HSA adjustments should be set to stock, and leave the pop off springs in there that are there if you have rebuilt them recently and verified pop off is within spec.

    You may have a fuel delivery to carbs issue versus a carb issue.

    What all repairs have you done to ski?


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    I have only owned the ski for a month. I did an entire fuel system clean out including carbs and internal filters, changed out all grey fuel lines, cleaned the selector and even pulled the tank and cleaned it out. I have not rebuilt the carbs yet.

    Oh and I set the LSA and HSA to stock specs when I had the carbs out.

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    You should definitely rebuild the both carbs with OEM kits and set the adjustment screws to factory settings. When rebuilding carbs it should be done by someone with experience. Its not just about installing the rebuild parts but most importantly the cleaning of the carbs. Good luck!!!

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    Where are you located?

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    San Antonio, TX

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    I talked to a local mech and he wants $200 just to rebuild the carbs and that's if I supply the kits, take them off the ski and take them to him. I am mechanically inclined being an aircraft mechanic for almost 18 years, doing all my own car maintenance and mods and slowly becoming a jet ski mechanic, I was thinking I could handle a carb rebuild and save that $200.

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    SPX787 you can forsure tackle the carb rebuid yourself! It is not difficult at all, download yourself a manual for your ski and ask questions and you will be just fine! Good luck

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    I do those for $200+ kits/gaskets/needles if you bring the entire ski!

    certainly within the range of anybody willing to read up on it and have the correct tools for the job.

    Doing good paint or fiberglass takes more skill.

    Some members here run mail order rebuilding business if you don't want to make the one time investment in a couple of specialty tools.

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    I tried turning the LSA adjustment another quarter out each. No help. When I cleaned the carbs, I only took off the diaphragm side plate to access the filters and cleaned everything in there. I'm thinking I'm going to pull the carbs and clean the needle and seat area as well as there may be some of that green gunk in there from the grey fuel lines I replaced.

    If that doesn't do it, I am doing a rebuild. I have already purchased a pop off gauge tool and it should be here tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help! I will give yall updates!

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