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    Dealers can be frustrating!

    Guess I'm really just venting here... I have had new xcharger in my ski(215 hp) for about 2 weeks and unable to use it...I had a dealer appt. today so have been waiting until they're done so I can flash ecu...When I made the appt. I told them I was bringing it in for computer update and pump bolt recall.. Well I just got off the phone with them and they say it will be a couple days, they have to order parts....well why the F wouldn't you do that when appt was made? why wait until you have ski(after 2 weeks) to now have it sit there for another few days waiting for parts??.I dunno, just frustrated....want to ride!....Is it just me?

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    My dealer told me my machine would be ready Friday and it was just finished today..

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    What dealer did you take your ski to?

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    not sure if you asking me zach...but I'm on long island

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    I do not know any dealer that will just order parts before they look at a PWC/motorcycle/boat etc....

    Suzuki requires the bike to be at the dealer before parts are ordered for the MAJOR brake system recall they have....

    On the other hand, I want to know what dealer doesnt have pump bolts in stock for this recall.....I probably have 40 of them in stock!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by phumb View Post
    not sure if you asking me zach...but I'm on long island
    I'd like to know. I'm on the island and in the market for a ski.

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    was formula, but they were pretty good about it and apologized, seems they had several that week and ran out...true? I dont know.. but it all worked out..Tiny, thats crazy about suzuki thing but I guess bikes take up a lot less room then a ski, especially when its on a double mine was...thanks again for replies!

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