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    07 rxp worshop manual.

    Is it possible to get hold of a workshop manual for an 07 rxp, without buying it through a dealer? Ive looked online but can only find them for 06 spec and down.

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    You can try EBay there is one on there now for $9.99. I might be wrong but there really isn't any diffrence between the 06 RXT and an 07 RXT, I think it is all minor and cosmetic
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    I bought the CD version of the shop manual off of Ebay and love it!! They run about $29.00 and worth every dollar.

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    there are differences.....Shibby knows most. But, a couple I remember are significant electrical differences at the least, and that is enough for you to probably want to wait to find an '07. Sorry, don't know where though.

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    I thought that would be the case, i did hear of a few electrical changes. I guess i will have to go through the dealer.

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    Not being able to find one online, I went to a dealer a couple of weeks ago and had them call BRP, who said it hasn't been published yet. They gave no indication when it might be available. Does anybody remember when the '06's became available last year?

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