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    Question Supercharger Rebuild

    I have a question for anyone who can help.
    I own a 2003 Seadoo GTX 185 Supercharged and I am looking to rebuild the supercharger as I have lost some top end power. I went to the dealership and was told that after market supercharger rebuild kits don't necessarily come with all the parts I need to rebuild it and that I am better off bringing it in there. Is there any truth to this or is he just trying to scare me into paying them.

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    Just to show your displeasure, order the parts from the GH store and screw the stealership:

    Yes, it comes with even says so in that link.

    However, you need a couple of special tools. Those can be had for around $50.

    BTW: I wouldn't use aftermarket kits.

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    Have Jerry who runs this board do it. It will be done right.

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    You can have jerry do it right for a good price look at the sticky for more information

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    The boys are right..send it jerry and have it done right for half the price of a dealership. ..

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    Thanks for the info guys, I'll definitely be using OEM
    Parts, not after market.
    I live in Canada so I don't think I'll be using jerry, I'm sure he knows what he's
    Doing but I have a guy up here who knows how to do it.
    I'm pretty new to the sport so I'm sure I'll be using this forum a lot,
    Thanks again.

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    Where in Canada are you ?

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    Just outside of Toronto Ontario

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    The grease needed to install new bearings (count them as they are installed,before ,and once more to be sure) can be had by the ounce online from kleber its isoflex topas NB 52 much better price than dealer! I think they also carry it here.

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    anybody know if i can buy the tool kit needed to rebuild the S/C in greenhulk store as well?

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