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    waverunner bog 99xl1200

    I just rebuilt carbs and its runs real nice and starts real easy, I think i got it a little past 50. It is all stock. If I mash full throttle at a standstill then the waverunner with bogg alot or even die, Is this normal or do I have to do the pump removal and after market flame arrestors with rejetting? I really want to emphasize how well it is running if I slowly accelerate it to plane first then give full throttle to. How much would it cost for the flame arrestors,pump removal,rejetting?

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    Edited out. I gave info on the wrong ski here...
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    He has a XL Limited, it's a powervalve engine and came with 87.5 pilots and 117.5 mains, all carbs the same in jetting. You probably have a defective accellerator pump or connection to it, which pumps a squirt of fuel in each carb (yes each carb in a 99 XLL) and overcomes a lean condition these carbs have due to the cat converter and emissions. The accell pump is located on the pto carb, has a feed line off the bottom of the carb and a line out to each carb. It has linkage on the carb to press the piston it it each time you squeeze the throttle. If it was me, if I took the carbs off AGAIN I would eliminate the accell pump, jet up to O-Side Bills recommendations and add flame arrestors (some for sale in parts for sale section. This would make the boat run lots better, get actually better mileage, and be faster.

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    Oops. Just went through a gp1200 nonpv and missed the "xl". Good catch. I'll be more careful next time. Disregard all of the photos in my previous post! I'll see if I can delete or edit.

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    fkfking bitc* balls I rode it for the second time today and it stopped running and I looked under the seat and saw that the throttle lever thing on the carb isnt going back into place like it should. The throttle line is still connected but it seems as if the black circle lever thing is missing a spring or something. it was riding fine until I put it on a dock and some giant boat made huge wakes and knocked it on the dock a couple times, could this have pushed the spring or what ever out? I also did a bad job reassembling and left a little magnetic bowl at the bottom of the ski, could this have caused the problem?

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    I guess it is possible that the magnet bowl could get itself attached to the midshaft under the black cover but I doubt that is your problem because it would get tossed pretty quickly once the motor fired. Post a pic of your carbs if you have them exposed and poin5 to the section u are talking about with the cable

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    sure will at first light tomorrow

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    There is not a spring that comes off easy on the throttle, its a coil spring around the carb butterfly shaft. That bowl or something else may have gotten caught on the throttle linkage that connects all the carbs together on the bottom side of the carbs.

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    well I figured out what it is, It happens to many people with the xll and xlt. If you ride it and it gets hot then the spring like lossens up or something and it makes your throttle stick. When the ski cools down after like 3 hours then it goes back to normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Extrnoa View Post
    ....... If you ride it and it gets hot then the spring like lossens up or something and it makes your throttle stick.....
    Sounds like your throttle shaft(s) on at least 1 of your carbs is starting to stick. If this is the case, then the problem will only get worse with time. A good indication of this is if you pull the throttle and then release it, the engine slowly returns to idle rather than the throttle linkage just snapping back.

    This is in no way related to the original problem that you posted about. Rejetting as discussed will help that problem go away. After market high and low speed adjusters will help here to get your jetting/fuel adjustments right on the bottom end so that your bog will go away.

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