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    impeller questions 5131554 vs 5132202

    Hey Everyone,

    I picked up a 98 SLXH on the weekend that had no drive. Found the impeller and driveshaft splines stripped.

    The original impeller is the 5131554 which from what I have been able to find is the correct stock piece.

    I have found a good used 5132202 local to me, from what I have read it is the stock impeller for the slightly newer 1200 triples and such.

    My question is how would this work on my unit? Is it a totally bad idea to try it out? I have a new driveshaft on the way and would like to get this thing back together so I can try the rest of it out asap before the season is done.

    What does everyone think?

    PS, sorry for another thread, just want to try and get some answers quickly.


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    Yes the 202 is a good choice..

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    The 554 will have much better bottom end hook up while the 202 will give better top speed. For me personally, I would prefer the better pull on the bottom end. Either one would work. The Polaris 707 will kind of give you the best of both.

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