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    Spun a drive shaft, need parts 95 sl 750

    My 95 SL 750 spun thre drive shaft in the coupler at the crank. I assume even though the shaft doesn't look horrible (the coupler does though) that it should be replaced anyway? Anyway, I'm wanting to replace prob the shaft, engine to shaft coupler, and the rubber coupler since it looks like I was getting water intrusion through it anyway. Any body have any good stuff on here, should I go new? if so where from? blah, blah. Thanks guys!

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    See my signature links for how to rebuild the through-hull bearing and seals.

    The driveshaft splines can be inspected for wear and damage. See signature links for more info.

    Used parts look in the Polaris Classifieds on here. There is a Parts sources list in my signature links.

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    I have a good used coupler and driveshaft for you. PM me if interested.....

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