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    2001 yamaha xl800 only goes to 5000 rpm in water

    Hi im new here. Finally registered but use this site alot. I have two 2001 yamaha xl800's. They have about 200 hours. One since I bought them only hits 5000 rpm under load in water and does about 42 mph. My other one hits 7000 rpm and going by gps. So far I switched following parts from good ski to this one. Carbs, reed valve, fuel filter, Speedo, whole ignition. And plugs. And exhaust. Battery is new The power valve servo is in line as far as the manual states. When I shut off engine it resets itself as It should. I just read that someone else detached the cable and manually moved it and found out that was the problem. Didnt think of that. There is some scratches on hull but nothing that would cause drag. The compression on both cylinders are 120. The ride plate looks fine and so does the impeller. From everything I researched low rpm's is motor issue or haul. The only sign of wear I see is the gasket on jet drive. This is driving me nuts. My other ski just blew up. It blew a hole in piston right where power valve is. Power valve is still attached and moves with servo but destroyed. So now I have to rebuild top end and install weveaters. Thats about $700. Where I stand now is I guess I have to sale the one ski cheap and buy a left over this winter unless someone knows what the 5000 rpm issue is. Im going to rebuild other ski and put solas impeller a ride plate intake and exhaust on it. Hopefully it will get on plane much faster and see high 50's for the wife. Any advise insight would be appreciated.

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    We rebuilt one this Spring and the servo cables were reversed. I think there was a white dot or something on one of the cables to indicate which one was top and which was bottom. Check the manual. Mine had the exact same symptom. It would even get up and jump now and then when you really worked and pumped the throttle but that was few and far between. After reversing the cables on the PV servo it was perfect.

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