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    1996 SL780 Ran now just clicks.

    Hello, I finally put the ski back together and went to start it last night and the battery which is new was weak so i put it on the trickle charger over night and decided to try it after work. Noting the battery was 100% I hit the start button I had poured a little fuel down the carbs the night before and it started right up! I shut it down immediately since I was in the garage but tried once more and it cranked and cranked until the battery was almost dead I tried 2-3 times 15 second intervals it shouldn't pull down that fast anyways now i hear a click also when it clicks its like initially hooking the batty up like a servo or something moves for a second maybe the trim? anyways the motors free I removed the plugs and it didn't seem to be to wet, the clicks coming from the electronic box starter relay I suppose I also smelled a burning scent like a wire upon initial start up, the motor is brand new I've just been to busy to finish it. The starter also had been replaced I guess I don't know what to do now, check to relay first then remove the starter and see if there is a problem? All the wiring was fine as far as I knew before it fired I had tried a few times prior to that so i don't know what would have burnt now. Any thoughts are appreciated Thanks Jon

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    IF the motor turns free, the starter motor is likely bad. The clicking is the start solenoid making contact. The starter motor housing can swell, as can the magnets within causing a hard turning starter. It will require more juice to operate draining the battery, and will overheat creating the burning scent you describe. The battery cables and battery may get warm as well...

    I have good tested used starters. PM me if you need one.....

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    the starter motor will be hot as hell, if so its shot.

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