The final round of the US Offshore Series by RPM Racing Enterprises will finish off a great season of racing, via the famous Dana Point to Oceanside & Back course on Sunday, September 21st. Horsepower, navigation, and the discovery of a high speed sweet-spot in varying conditions will no doubt be page in the playbooks of the top American offshore racers. The Dana Point to Oceanside & Back race can present flat water or five foot wall water.

The recent Long Beach to Catalina & Back
was highlighted by grudge-match of aftermarket technology and good ol’ factory stock, as Monster Kawasaki’s turbocharged Ultra staved off Manufacturer Stock Ultra 310Rs and Open class skis alike. When the chips fell, Craig Warner took his fifth consecutive title on the Kawasaki Ultra 310R turbo, and once again showed that the Ultra continues to be the offshore weapon of choice.

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