The Watercraft Journal: Chris, can you tell me how you got involved with personal watercraft?

Chris Langlais: Well, in 2004 my first child was born, and at the time I was stunting and competing on street bikes. Everybody told me it was time to give it up stunting street bikes because it was way too dangerous. So I sold the bike and bought my first stand up because I needed some kind of adrenaline rush – I’ve been hooked ever since.

WCJ: Could you tell me a little bit about your machine? Did you build it yourself? What’s under the hood?

CL: I’m currently riding a custom built, lightweight Team XScream carbon fiber hull. It have custom foot holds to lock my feet in while doing tricks. I am running a 10 millimeter stroked 900 RR with a Power Factor pipe and a MSD total loss ignition with Full Spectrum carbs, which was all assembled, tested and tuned by Team XScream.

WCJ: How do you train for competition?

CL: I ride as much as possible and every time I ride I try to learn at least one new trick. I’m trying to go bigger and add variations to tricks I already know. When it comes to competition I just put it all together!

WCJ: What are your favorite tricks? What tricks do you hope to tackle in the future?

CL: Right now my favorite trick is a Tweaked Out Can-Can flip. As for future tricks we will just have to see…I have some things I am working on for World Finals.

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