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    mid wall section compatability?

    i would like to know if anyone out there can tell me if the mid wall section from an 09 FXHO Will bolt into an 09 FZ ?

    I Have checked the part numbers for the drove coupling and they are identical as afar as that mount is concerned
    would the 4 bolt in tabs be In the same locations for the wall to drop in and bolt up? I didnt think there would be a big difference in the internal side of the hull floor layout.


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    Check the OEM parts fiche and see if the part numbers are the same.


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    Marc...I couldn't seem to locate the mid wall in the fiche online. They possibly don't sell them separate from the hull? I could be wrong, but just don't see it. Keep me posted on your findings and let me know if I need to remove it for you. Keith

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