Look out America, you are about to be invaded. Invaded by Aussies…well, five at least. Five of of Australia’s best freeriders are about to hit the Blowsion Surf Slam. But before they left Oz, we got the chance to have a chat and take some shots.
The Watercraft Journal: Mitch Young so tell us a bit about yourself and what got you into the sport.
Mitch Young: “I’ve been riding standup jet skis for five years. I have done a lot of sports in my life like surfing, football, MX, and skydiving and I was alright at all of them, but always got to a certain level and wouldn’t progress anymore. I have found with freeriding I am always progressing, my mates and I are always trying to raise the bar.
“My first ski was an SXR 800 believe it or not. It was also the first ski I flipped. Then I moved onto the JB1 then a Predator and now I’m on a small competition hull, a Krash Industries Footrocket. Inside is a Flame ignition, 950 Dasa, 148mm pump, 48 Novis, Power Factor. It has plenty of punch, which I love. I ride at a spot an hour and a half from home called Inverloch. It’s a beautiful coastal town in Gippsland. With a boat ramp and only a three minute ride to the surf it’s perfect and uncrowded. I’m very lucky to have the sponsors that I do, Jetpilot, AJSP, Krash Indistries, ATP, Dasa, Urcheon.

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