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    Dash Boost Gauge

    Hi guys.
    just seeing if each bar on the 12+ rxpx boost gauge (in the state are cluster) represents a figure like 1 or 2 psi? I know it may not be accurate compared to a data logger or external gauge.
    also on a stock ski will the boost gauge be all the way up at 8000rpm?

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    From logging the MAP sensor, I can say on my 2012 RXT with stock charger, the max boost is 11psi (exactly as it should be when box fresh). So working from this, you should be able to work out roughly how much one bar represents. Remember boost only starts from around 6000rpm, again I can confirm this from logging.

    I would say, the boost gauge is a little bit quirky and not really to be relied upon, although if you're running WOT and you still have unlit bars, you might wanna check your slip or for boost leaks. It's a very rough guide to boost health.

    I usually achieve 11psi at my max rpm which right now, given warm weather, is only around 8100rpm.

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