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    2014nRXT power loss?

    I have about 55 hrs on my rxt and it has been perfect. Just got it back from the dealer for a 50 hr service. Rode it a bunch last Friday and Saturday. Sunday my son took it out and had to be towed back in. It felt like there was something in the pump. We rolled it and checked it all out but found nothing. the ski would vibrate badly and not really move. While we rolled it over gas started pouring out. We found that the gas cap was not latched. I then realized that the engine was skipping real bad. I continued to mess with it and the skipping got progressively better to the point we could ride it again. We continued to ride it the rest of the day to burn up any remaining gas. I have a feeling we got water in the gas by accidentally leaving the gas cap open? It now still reaches 70mph but it does not seem to have a lot of pull compared to before. I filled it with 93 Oct gas and rode for a bit but it still seems low on power. I know my machine and it just don't seem right( although it is hot and humid here) Maybe its just me.

    Any suggestions?

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    Throw some new Ngk Spark plugs in there. Might of fouled a plug and as for the vibrating it's a tell tell sign something is stuck in the pump area and If something was stuck and finally blew out,it could of destroyed your wear ring causing loss of performance. Those are the 2 areas I'd start.

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    Stick stuck between the pump ware ring and the leading edge of the prop. Hard to see but will do just that.


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