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    2004 FX1100HO will not start

    Replaced the ECU with a good used one. I was told by 2 dealers it had a bad ECU.
    the unit does exactly the same thing - turns over but will not start.
    I have spark on all cylinders. Fuel pumps pumps fine. Put gas in 2 cylinders but will not start.
    No dealer with the software around. Anyone have some suggestion on what to check an how?

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    Have you run a compression test? If it has fuel, fire, compression and rotation it should run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVHOKidd View Post
    Have you run a compression test? If it has fuel, fire, compression and rotation it should run.
    It has low compression on one cylinder. I am sure there is no fuel coming from injectors. Turns over just fine. Something is stopping this thing from starting but have no clue. There is no dealer with the diagnostic.

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    Try starter fluid, that should at least let you know you have correct spark.
    How is the fuel in your ski and also, are you plugs new? Spark in the open atmosphere isn't the same as a spark under compression. If they aren't new, replace them.

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    Where are you located? I have the YDS program and cable. If you're in NY, bring the ski by and we'll hook it up.

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    i would love to but I am in Utica. Thanks for the offer

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