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    gp1300r and 800xlt problems

    Just bought these 2 skis thinking they were a good deal, if I dont have to go overboard to fix...2003 gr1300r... seems to run great on trailer, crispy throttle, in water speeds up slow but most important tops out at only 5k rpm..thinking cat? so I removed sensor, didn't seem to be "bent back"...injectors? if so, will lucas additive be good enough? other thoughts? I siphoned out all the gas and added new, also new plugs....
    2nd ski I thought was toast as it wouldn't turn over and when I removed plugs, I couldn't push top cylinder down...Pulled the pump hoping to wrench the shaft-after adding kroil and liquid wrench into plug holes..Got lucky(I think) ..wear ring has bumps and is locking up impeller..Shaft came out when I pulled the pump...can I run engine without this installed? Should I take pump apart as much as possible to find cause of bumps? I'm guessing its salt...thanks for any help and sorry for long post, just wanted to give good info..

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    here are pics of housing..I have access to machinists, can I have them cut/smooth out? I think the stainless wear ring is NOT replaceable, correct? just install new one if cutting not an option? how about those cape fear ones? thanks for any input!
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    You can run it on the hose without the pump.

    Wear ring is shot. Not worth boring it because the stainless insert is paper thin. Plus you will open up the prop clearance even more. I have a wear ring listed in the classifieds if interested.

    Prop is probably toast too.

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    when you say without the pump, that means without shaft too? also,
    I checked classifieds but didnt see ANY listing by you?...A friend may have one but curious to see what you got

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    Yes. Shaft is part of the pump. Fire it up

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    yes, saw them after looking up your posts, they did not seem to be on the 2 pages of yama classifieds...thanks again and if friend doesnt have one i'll be in touch

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    put wear ring on lathe and took 12 thou off the "bumps" didn't touch the original ID...looks pretty sweet and has tight clearance around impeller...dont know how long it will last but will hopefully get me up and running before season is over!...Thanks again!

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    Be aware that the machining of the housing increased the clearance and increased cavitation will probably starting eating away on the edges of the impeller. But if it is a stock impeller - who cares they are a dime a dozen.

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    Jay, if you read my reply, I did NOT increase original size of wear ring, just removed the bumps...I'm also not sure what you mean about cavitation eating away impeller edges???

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    Those bumps are caused by corrosion between the aluminum casting and the pressed in SS liner. You will be good for a short time but they will be back so should look for another liner before next season.

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