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    P0562 12v Low Voltage - Burned fuse box....

    Hi guys,

    This season was full of problems SC failure and now this.... So I purchased a voltage regulator as I thought that would be my problem and not the fuse but I am finding out the hard way it`s more than just the fuse. Can I buy this box anywhere or do I need the complete harness ? Can I use some spare holes in the back of the box that are not affected and put the wires in those spare holes ?

    Let me know your thoughts on this. Another question... why are there two 30 fuses ? So right now power goes thought one circuit only I guess can I still run the jet sky for a while with only one 30 fuse or ?

    Thank you

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    What model of ski is it, i do not reconnize that hardware at all.

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    my skis do not have it
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    My 2004 RXP did the same thing, except the 30 amp fuse was in line not in the box.

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    Did you buy oem voltage regulator or aftermarket?

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    I purchased the OEM but I dont need it as my original one is working fine..problem is with the burned fused and box. Its from 2008 GTX Limited 215....

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    just saw this same thing on a 2008 rxt last month

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    Exact same happened yesterday 2007 rxt , 30a fuse burnt out with the contacts and holder melted !!! Aargh! What is my next step please .. ?

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    that 30a on my '08 crapped out, but it didn't melt....

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    This just happened to my 2008 rxtx this weekend. Anyone have a solution to this?
    I was going to cut the wires going to the charging fuse and install an inline fuse holder with a new 30a fuse and clean up all the positive/negative battery connections.

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