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Thread: P-1202 Code

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    P-1202 Code

    Question... If I had a P-1202 code and replaced the OSPS, would the code automatically go away or would I need to hook it up to BUDS to clear it? I'm tired of throwing money away. If someone could let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    the pressure switch is known to go bad
    replacement usually fixes the problem
    420256885 is the replacement switch

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    Just above the oil pressure switch that you replaced is a black solenoid with a green gasket. I have heard it called the TOP switch before??? This solenoid can also give you the P-1202 code. Mine was giving me the code and I found a corroded connection for the solenoid. I cleaned the connection and put some tune up grease on the pins and now the code is gone. You should hear a click from the solenoid when you plug the lanyard in. It will take about 5 seconds for it to drop out after the lanyard is unplugged. Hope this helps.

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    the code will go away when the problem is fixed, and operates normally.

    Did u check to make sure the 1 wire connector is not on backwards, and on properly on that switch?
    A 2 wire connector can be hooked to it by mistake.

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