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    Cool FX SHO only 3000 RPM


    Took out my 2011 FX SHO which I just purchased last week. I already have a 2012 FX HO and we ran them side by side today for a comparison. Toward the end of the day we pulled up for a car ferry crossing the river, as I slowed up my fuel buzzer started beeping and the display flashing. I did not hit the button straight away to silence the beeping and in about 20 seconds it became a solid tone, I thought this was just different to my Ho which just beeps away so thought nothing of it. As soon as the ferry crossed the river my mates all took off up the river and I was left with the engine limited to approx 3000 rpm. I stopped the engine and restarted and cleared the alarm as soon as it sounded and I was away again, but about 5 mins up the river I was cruising along at about 6000 rpm when it all of a sudden dropped to 3000 rpm again. I was thinking this was a low fuel warning and stopped the engine again and restarted and again the condition cleared. Thinking I was low on fuel I then took it easy on the way back to the ramp without any further issues.
    Thinking about it more now I am home, that this sounds more like a temperature warning or something other than low fuel. There was a bit of rubbish in the river and 2 other riders out of 6 picked up stuff that disabled them till cleared so its possible I got something stuck as well.
    Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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    Top off the gas tank and run the ski on the hose. Make sure water is coming out of both pissers, the exhaust, and the water dump in the transom plate. If it runs fine on those hose check the pump strainer for blockage.

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    It's very possible it was on overhead
    As that will limit revs

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    Check your reverse lever you may have failed to push it all the way back down when you stopped at the ferry crossing If it is not 100% down it will limit rpms to 3000 max. Tommy Jordan

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    Thanks Guys

    I put it on the hose when I got home and it seemed fine, there are 2 pissers on the left handside but water only comes out of one of them. I only have one pisser on my HO what the second one for? I have not filled her up yet so was still on the alarm for low fuel but ran fine.
    Tommy - the 3000 rpm seemed just like the reverse, not sure if I used it at the ferry of not but it did seem to be disengaged. Maybe its a sticky switch as this ski only has 55 hrs (2011 ski) so has done a lot of sitting around - I will change that this summer.

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