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    How to anchor ultra LX at a beach with swell?

    I have a 2008 ultra lx that has hydrolocked twice. runs fine but when left at anchor in the ocean it wont start. I am anchoring from the stern (back) of the ski on the tow hook which obviously casues the waves to push against the back of the ski/exhaust. is it possible that this is causing water to be pushed up the exhaust into the engine?

    Please help!

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    Yes it can...
    use the front point

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    No offence but that is boating 101 and is taught at every safety boating course. You never anchor anything from the stern/transom. The only exception being if you are using dual anchors, in that case you still want to be side to the waves/current or bow towards waves/current.

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    +1 on the Boating 101..

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