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    2007 rxp 215 oil issue and smoking . please help !

    just got it and put in water an hour after purchased. everything seemed fine. very clean ski. 156 hours on it with approx 30 hours on sc rebuild. all reciepts shown. we put in and took it down the river about 5-6 miles ran great. pull 69mph easily with 2 200 lb riders. drove it for about 3 hours and code p1520 popped up. something to do with oil, oil pump, oil sensor. we added 2 qts or 10w/40 motor oil and the code went away but we werent getting a reading on dip stick so put another qt. in it. ran decent with no code or limp mode and then when you got up on it lots of smoke and topped out 45mph ? still smoking with no balls, any ideas ? and why would it lose so much oil ? seems to be some oil in bottom of haul. leaking somewhere. my theory is it has too much oil in it but its difficult to read on the still looks like it has none in there after adding 3qts

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    I can't think of any reason that too much oil would not register on the dipstick. If its not at least between the indents than it is low. Did you check the level before you ran it?
    Did you use JASO MA rated oil?

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    too much oil causing the supercharger not to work properly. I had that problem with my last rxp where no matter how much oil I added it wouldn't show on the dipstick. Never figured it out, I think all the oil was sitting in the head and not draining back down.

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