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    sl9oo - polaris engine - backfire problem

    SL900 96 polaris engine - getting fuel, spark, compression good - but wont start - turns over then a shotgun blast! It almost sounds like a ficht computer gone bad. Can a Bad Control module still produce spark and give me a no start situation and big backfire? I've replaced them before but lost spark altogether. Anyone experienced this before on these engines?? I know a twisted crank might but thats probably rare. Thanks!! Jim By the way in turns over for about 8-10 sec before backfiring
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    Your Woodruff key could be sheared off, which would have allowed the timing to move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drkvampire2001 View Post
    Your Woodruff key could be sheared off, which would have allowed the timing to move.

    Check flywheel index with front piston at TDC. My guess is the flywheel has rotated on the shaft.

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