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    2 08 GTXs picked up for $1500

    About 2 weeks ago i offered a man ive done some work for $1500 for a pair of seadoos.

    Ive worked for him since 2009 and ive always seen them on his dock, never moved or uncovered. Recently he wanted to use them asked me to uncover them and on one the reverse was stuck(stop nut broke so was the steering)

    he said screw it, noone uses them and he wants to sell them

    I said i can give u $1500 for the pair and get them gone, he said go ahead

    one had 9 hours and one had 11. they had no trailer and were always stored on a lift. anyway, i put the one in the water and towed the other all the way to my house via water (1.5 hour trip)

    i didnt change the plugs or anything first as he asked me not to work on them. the ride home was a long trip.
    the one i was driving wouldnt go above 15mph even at full throttle, kept missing and beeping the whole way. (original spark plugs and second tank of fuel 6 years old)

    i got home and hoisted them out. changed the plugs on the one, and siphoned the rest of the gas. filled it up with fresh gas and abunch of injector cleaner. changed the oil, and changed the original battery. ive used it for 3 weekends now registering 36 hours on it

    so the one that had the broken cables developed an oil leak. or atleast i saw one, seemed to be pto bearing, i posted another thread about my troubles removing the driveshaft.

    apparantly my shaft was so rusty, i ended up cutting the carbon ring off, the support ring and the pto bearing. none would come free with my snap on air chisel. i ordered all new driveshaft, pto bearing+ bellow, carbon ring + bellow, clamps, support ring, c clip, reverse cable, reverse cable nut, steering cable, steering cable nut.

    the steering and reverse cable are corrected now, waiting on new sbt driveshaft and the dealer to bring in some of my parts.

    in the meantime my homemade service dolly broke from the weight of the gtx, or maybe all of my hammering. so i borrowed a trailer from a friend, decided to buff the hull. it looks brand new now!!! the other one will be next. i ordered a new blacktip seat cover as the factory one was all dryed and splitting.

    while waiting on my driveshaft, anything else i should service? i have the engine in proper alignment, i know some can be misaligned from factory, my buddy came by with the tools and we checked it. it was spot on so i didnt adjust it.

    i do feel like an idiot, a midst all the hammering i broke a threaded nipple that goes into the head from the coolant overflow.... i ordered a new one, it seems like a brass fitting, should be alble to just drill and tap it.... anyone else run into this problem? it was just my tired stupidness placing tools ontop of the motor. once i get it re threaded, what kind of coolant do i use? does it need to be bled? or just fill and go?

    anyway heres some pictures!
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    more pics

    the gtx decal on the right side was missing, i bought a new one and added it(there wass a previous gelcoat repair done. i guess the 155 is sold seperately. i really dont care, you can only look at one side at a time. i guess next time i place an order ill pick up the decal that says 155.
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    Wow you got a smoking deal.. congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperCharged67 View Post
    Wow you got a smoking deal.. congrats!

    i feel like i did. i had this happen awhile back when i first moved down, not this price though. i bought 2 2000 gtx millenium editions, they were crap. all beat up i ended up rebuilding motors, noting but trouble. i always said i would never buy a used ski from florida again since the ride year is essentially 12 months, but this seemed like a good deal. i am weary of the low hours though. but heck! i got one great one for just some tune up items. the other needs some work but im only 900$ into parts and a day of buffing, but the darn 3m compound is soo expensive. but it works soo darn good!

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    Not bad at all. They appear to be in pretty good shape too. The 3M stuff does work good. Used it on my first jet ski and never looked back!

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    killer deal!!! oil, gas,plugs, like you are already doing. I would also check pump and wearing.

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    Wow, that's a great steal, congrats !! I'd imagine everything you haven't covered should be pretty good with the small amount of hours.

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    awesome deal bro

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