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    Getting there bit-by-bit...Heavy Cavitation and still some top end bogging??

    I'm a bit more back on track with the (#1) 1996 GTX that had been idle since we bought it and it's twin last year.
    Brief re-cap: Bought used and after going thru basics of changing out all the gray fuel lines, cleaning rave valves, new filters, plugs, wear ring, and oil; took this rig out for a test run and it fell on it's face somewhere after hitting 40+ mph, seemed to go into limp mode; also had an oil leak, fuel leak and starter problems - put it aside and just used the other ski (#2) for a bit.

    Present: Fixed the oil & fuel leak, rebuilt starter, and installed a new rectifier.
    Took both ski's out today; #1 ran much better but does fall flat @ ~ 45mph and when starting out it bogs down if you're too quick in the throttle - have to ease into it. It also has terrible cavitation issues.
    #2 runs better, tops out @ 53mph with some cavitation.

    I betting the cavitation is from a bad carbon seal; I've wrongly run the thing on a hose for probably 3-4 minutes without protecting the carbon seal before I knew better and have the impression that the previous owners probably were not the most cautious of people.

    - Impeller and wear ring are in good shape. Any other factors asides from the carbon seal have an impact on cavitation?
    - Plan on going ahead and buying a new carbon seal kit for both ski's; below from OSD correct for a 96 GTX?
    EDIT: Just noticed OSD is out of stock on the carbon seal - Below from Watercraft the same? Good choice? Indicates for '98-UP but I'm assuming this is because the '96 used an O-Ring; this is the C-Clip version.

    - Top End problem sound like electrical or possibly fuel / carburetor? Remember it also bogs down if you gas it too quickly. After hitting the wall @ ~45 I can back off and it runs fine @ ~40.

    Sorry for the long post; still on a learning curve here...

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