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    08 Ultra LX -No thrust, but engine runs HELP

    I have a 2008 Kawasaki Ultra LX. I have only had it 3 months, but it has been running fine.
    I was riding today, and all of a sudden, lost all thrust.
    The engine runs and revs, but the prop must not be spinning?
    There is no obstruction in the intake grate, I can see the impeller fine.
    What could it be?
    Thanks for your help

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    Are you getting water from the pisser?

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    No. No water coming out the pisser.

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    something is in your pump
    bag,seaweed etc

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    check pump area.
    check engine mounts

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    Look under the seat were the driveshaft meets the motor, start it to make sure the driveshaft is turning with it, if it is the splines on the driveshaft or impeller could be stripped, impeller is easy to replace, the driveshaft is not.

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