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    Two solas impellers, one guy is down 7600 and other is up 8300

    Hi did my friends get fucked, both of them got solas impeller and now there rpm are all out of wack, the frist is a 2011 rxt-x 260 that went from 8000 rpm to 7600 he's say it can't be the impeller so he took it to the dealer, the other is a 2008 rxt-x 255 that had 8100rpm and now is up 8300 he is saying its not the impeller. So the dealers guy is saying its not the impellers as will. But I'm saying it is. So I'm I right or wrong. That was the only thing, they did to there seadoo. So am I crazy or do they have other problems

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    It sounds like one pitched up and the other pitched down. You are going to need to look at the pitches of the props to determine where they are at. It is printed on the side in the rear of the prop.

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    Cool, I will look

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    Unless it was pitched by a pro then whatever is on the side is just close. It may not be exact. In your first case it is pretty far off.

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    My RXT-X 2011 with stock ECU did:

    Stock impeller: 8040 rpm

    SOLAS 15/21A impeller: 7700 rpm

    Dash speed both 115 km/h

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    Oh one more thing, in my housing on rxp-x 255 I have a few broken fins, would this kill some of my speed

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    Every solas impeller ive ever bought needed a bit of tweaking before i put it on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by travis ingram View Post
    Oh one more thing, in my housing on rxp-x 255 I have a few broken fins, would this kill some of my speed
    Dont know if it will bring down your speed, but it will cause cavitation problems ,so im gonna say yes it probably will.Get rid of them is your best bet.

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    A good rule of thumb is one number of the pitch is equal to 200 rpms that's on the big end

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    Perfect, after hearing all of this he is findly getting it. And back on my fin problem what do you mean get rid of them. Or do you mean get a new housing. Here's a pic to make shore we are talking about the same thing

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