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    Buying my first ski.... 2006 Yamaha FX HO

    So I am looking to purchase my first ski to start fishing offshore with. I am going to look at a 2006 Yamaha FX HO with 27 hours and galvanized trailer for $5500. Was used in freshwater only. I am wondering what type of things I should be looking for on this model. Also, any concerns with the hours being that low for a 7 year watercraft?
    Any feedback input is appreciated.

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    Here's a comprehensive checklist you should use when looking:
    1. Make sure it floats.
    2. Make sure it has a motor.
    3. Make sure the motor runs.

    If it passes, then you should have years of trouble-free riding. These motors are super-reliable.

    As for the hours, most people buy these things on a whim, then never actually use them. You can have a dealer verify the hours on the ECU, to be sure a new gauge wasn't installed to fudge the hours. The overall condition of the ski should be a good indicator of the actual usage.

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    Be sure to take it for a test ride first. Not sure what speed you can expect but that would help to determine the condition of the engine.

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    Make sure the motor sounds healthy.....

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    That ski should pull you back in the seat in any speed up to full speed. check compression. 150 ish is what you are looking for.

    Look at the bolts on the motor mounts. They use a marker from the factory and make a line on the bolt and the top of the mount. If the motor has been pulled, youll see the lines not matching up. When warm the ski should start up on the first chug...if that makes any sence... cold it should take 2-3 chugs max... but if it runs well, then you should be alright.

    If you bring a screw driver, and take off one of the hoses on the assembly that's right next to the rectifier, Thats the thermostat housing, look for corrosion...

    While ive seen a lot of different things go wrong on these skis, the are a very good and tough machines. It would be my first choice...well...FX160...but still..

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    At idle the motor has a little chatter, dont be alarmed.

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    Good ski.
    Good price.
    Test ride is a must.
    Be looking for a top speed between 58 and 61 per GPS.
    Check air filter to see if soaked with oil. Folks usually overfill oil.
    Warm engine, let ski sit level in water, then check dipstick. Oil needs to be at line between add and full.

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    ok great. Thanks for the advice.

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