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    sound like a stuck injector?

    I recently purchased this ski, '03 gp1300...It smelled pretty heavy on fuel when seat was removed...took out for spin, couldn't get rpms over 5k..brought home, replaced plugs and drained all fuel and added new...went back out ran full throttle for maybe 15 mins and ran pretty good, just stayed at 5k, maybe a tad over.. I just removed all plugs and front 2 show signs of use, the rear looked like I just took out of box, super clean!...I put it back in booty, and it sparks fine...I'm thinking I must be flooding cylinder? Installed all 3 plugs and left wire off rear and it sounded the same...gotta be injector?? (compression is good!) If you agree, should I just try some lucas cleaner or dont waste time and replace? ski only has 48 hours in 11 years so it has done some sitting...

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    Take all 3 injectors out and send them to a injector cleaning service center and have them cleaned and flow tested cost me $15-$20 each. worth the money to be sure they all are flowing correctly. Do this to be sure you don't damage your motor since it has sat for a long time . Tommy Jordan

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    If your on Long Island or NJ i use Southbay Fuel Injectors they are really good and fair on pricing.
    They are in Nassau county.

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    Thanks guys!...One more thing I forgot to mention was when starting for the first time since winterizing, there was what I thought a lot of gas in the exhaust(showed up on the grass) and the owner said it must just be the fogger, never gave it much thought but in hindsight I'm thinking its this injecter....

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    Have you done a compression check as well
    Just to make sure you have good compression in all 3 cylinders

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    Hi there. Did you get the injectors tested and ski running? Please let me know. Thanks.

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    fx, yes good compression all around
    onewheel, not yet....close!

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    Thats what it was, stuck open injector with bad spray pattern, all good now!...thanks!

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