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    97 Seadoo Gti cavitation on hard takeoff.

    I purchased a 97 Seadoo Gti and installed a new wear ring & changed the pump oil. The pump bearings I suspected might need replacing. I had the Seadoo out on the water for 8 hours & it started seriously cavitating on takeoff. The new wear ring was worn far greater than it should for that little use. I suspected bad pump bearings again & ordered the parts for a full pump rebuild.

    On disassembly the thrust bearing was being eaten next to the shaft. Pump shaft was worn by the front seal. pump bearings appeared fine. All new parts installed bearing, shaft, anti-rattle cone, Delrin wear ring. Skat Trak 16/21 swirl was installed by previous owner and is in new condition. Pump cone was pressure tested & BRP oil used. The first thing I noticed was how tight the impeller fit into the SBT Delrin wear ring. I couldn't turn it by hand. I had to pull the plugs on the engine to get it to turn over but eventually the impeller seated & engine started great. I thought better to tight than too loose.

    I took the Seadoo to the lake & WOW did it takeoff great. After about 3 hours of running my wife came for a ride with me & I notices some cavitation. On full throttle launch its bouncing off the rev limiter. I came home and wear ring clearance is .018". Motor has never been out. Mounts seem like they are good condition since there is no play. Since the motor hasn't been out I wouldn't assume alignment problems. I also don't suspect a bent shaft. What would cause the rapid wear on the ring & cavitation. Not a shallow water or debris issue. Could it be a bad grind on the Skat Trak 16/21?
    My suspicion is a bad grind on the Skat Trak 16/21

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    Anything is possible. The only way to know for sure is mount it up on a lathe or something and check for runout. If one blade is bent up OR down too much it will stick out further than it should.

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    The source of all the problems was a bent drive shaft. Once I had the shaft out and rolled it across a flat table the impeller end had a noticeable wobble. Other telltale signs were slight marring on one half where the shaft contacts the carbon ring. I also noticed that thrust bearing I replaced was damaged along one inside edge. The bend was not readily noticeable as a vibration. The plastic pump and wear ring were absorbing the driveshaft deflection.

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    Its possible you pinched the thrust bearing when installing it,I have seen this before ,even with new impeller,new wear ring you should be able to turn pump over by hand,its possible the thrust bearing if pinched caused the drive shaft to bend.(something caused it) I have seen pump housings trashed so bad they couldn't be used by rocks yet drive shaft was ok.JMHO>Marvin

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